Test Gear



At AEA Headquarters - Pending


Pitot-Static 101 Training:      Sat., October 28th, 2017

San Luis Obispo, Calif. @ San Luis Avionics

Hours: Begins 08:30 AM

  • Eight (8) hours of F.A.A. accepted training.

  • Training seminar at my facility (San Luis Avionics)

  • Power Point presentation

  • Training material is provided

  • Training certificate provided at class completion

  • Complete hands on demonstration using mock-up aircraft panel.

  • Includes the transponder certification and tune-up class.

For more info contact Don: E-Mail or phone:  (805) 801-7018

RVSM Training:        Pending

San Luis Obispo, Calif. @ San Luis Avionics

  • Regulatory Review

  • RVSM Maintenance document review

  • Test equipment needed for RVSM

  • Conformity Inspection

  • Determination of aircraft compliance

  • Documentation / return to service







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