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IATP - Integrated Avionics Test Panel
  • Meets Garmin Specs
  • 8130 Capabilities for GNS Series
  • Perform in-house test and repair
  • Expand your capabilities
  • Over 90 Board-Level tests
  • Test most current GPS/NAV/COM units

UTTH1 - Universal Transponder Test Harness

  • Test Garmin digital transponders, Bendix-King, Narco, Terra, Collins, and ARC. Includes harnesses and carrying case.


ES1 -  Evaluation of aircraft transponders and encoders

  • ACK-A30, Transcal, SSD120, D120-P2T, KEA 129/130, Ameriking, AK-350, Terra 3000, AR850, Sandia SAE35




  • SSB-1-BB vacuum assisted static adapter system.

PSTA-80 -

  • Functional training panel for pitot-static certification


Connector Kits -

  • Radioman offers a growing line of connector kits at exceptional cost savings.

Rack N' Stack -

  • Create a well organized and flexible workbench by securing your test panels to a sturdy aluminum cabinet.


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